Bussiness object manipulation

I just started Simplicite training, so my Qs are pretty basic.
How to modify and delete object s fields? As far as I know it triggers some errors, if I do it manually and want to restore afterwards in the template. To "clear " it, if I want deletion, shlould it be done only via code? I understand it is the object in DB with row_id and functional key.

Hi Monika,

To delete and object field from your business object, you can simply open the object’s template editor, hover over the field you wish to delete, click on the notepad icon and click “delete” in the popover window.

Hello, I am sorry but this forum is dedicated to support, not to training.
It is absolutly not a suitable media to assist you in your very initial training.
We propose online live training sessions for that.

PS: To answer your question:

  • no: modifying or deleting object fields does not trigger errors (unless you do something very atypical or in a very atypical way)
  • no: this kind of very basic operations does not require any coding