CRM for Multi-Level or Network Marketing/Sales

Does Simplicite support features of CRM for Multi-Level/Network Marketing? Is any specific business case or example you can provide?
Mainly I am referring to possibility of dynamical setting (unlimited scalability) of Sales Representatives levels&their whole network, compensation plans by the end user/admin user.
But such a CRM should also support end users to see/manage incomes, referrals, but also seeting different compensation plans, commissions, etc.


Simplicité is a blank slate, you can build any kind of CRM, including a multi-level one like you mention. You’d have to build it from the ground up, even if a low-code platform like Simplicité would greatly fasten the task.

The CRM that we provide as an exemple in the app store is a basic example that doesn’t support the aforementionned business case.

Edit: The “portal” CRM we use internally does not presently provide such feature

If your CRM requirement is very “standard” you will certainly find an out-of-the-box CRM solution that will fit.

Using a low code platform such as Simplicité to build your own custom CRM does only make sense if your requirement is specific enough (and/or functionaly limited, and/or budget constrained) to prevent using an existing out-of-the-box solution.

Simplicité has already been used by some of our partners to build such very specific CRM-like applications (including multi-level sales reps management) but nothing that can be reused as-is in another context.

Generaly speaking, as a generic low code platform vendor we don’t provide any ready-to-use “vertical” solutions for CRM, ERP, HR, Finance, or any other functional domain because Simplicité is here to address custom needs, not the usual/classical/standard needs for which there are plenty of dedicated solutions on the market.

But as a business solution provider you can, of course, build your own reusable “vertical” assets on top of Simplicité to address your target market segments.

Hello Simon, David, thank you for your helpful replies!

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