REMINDER: feeback needed on minor version 5.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE

The Simplicité platform minor version 5.2.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE has been available several weeks on the version 5 template’s prerelease[-light] branches an/or as the 5-beta[-ligth] Docker images

This new minor version 5.2 includes some new features, upgraded third party components and some limited compatibility-breaking changes. See the the release note for details.

The main compatibility-breaking change is on the “flat” or “exploded” JSON-based module exports which were experimental in previous minor versions. They have been completely refactored in minor version 5.2 and now uses a different hierarchical export layout.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. If no blocking issue is raised, this release candidate will become the next release by the end of february 2022.

Reminder: Minor versions of the version 5 are not long term maintenance branches (like, for instance, the legacy version 4.0) => once released the 5.2.0 replaces the last 5.1.x which will not be maintained nor supported any longer (and downgrading from 5.2 to 5.1 will be impossible)