Simplicité deployment


We have a problem installing Simplicité on our environments.
We are stuck on the home page. We have the following logs in the console:

Can you guide us on the nature of the error (back / data base problem)?

This issue might be related to certificates/protocols mismatch between frontend and backend, but I don’t understand how we can login and change the password if there is a communication problem.

Thanks to your help.

For information, we have found the problem.
It was a problem with the websocket parameter.
Simplicité is deployed now.


This seems a more general “port wiring” pb than just an issue related to websockets.

Are you sure you are using the appropriate ports vs the proptcol used by your reverse proxy ?
See this document for details: Simplicité® documentation/90-operation/docker

Not using the right ports vs the exposed protocol(s) of your reverse proxy will result in unexpected behaviors at several levels (this issue with websockets is one of these but it is not the only one).

Don’t hesitate to provide us with more details on the port wiring you have set up so as we can help you.


I confirm that it was a port configuration issue. It fixed by our devOps teams.