Step to create a Business Workflow

I need help, how can I do these step:

  • Filter… This allows you to filter the displayed selection list, for example to show interest with a score above ten: Filter.intScore > 10
  • Search.Spec: Allows to add a SQL filter to the list, for example the interest list score above ten and starting with “a”: t.int_score> 10 and t.int_libelle like ‘a%’



It is possible to add an activity data on the “APPCC-INTEREST” activity for example in order to add specific filter.
The Group to use is “Filter”, the name is the logical Field name and Value is the value of the Filter.
To add a SQL filter (on multiple fields) you can use
Group name : Search, Name:Spec, Value (full sql filter) : t.int_score>10 and t.int_libelle like ‘a%’

Example of the intScore >10

And to do “Operative = No” when I want to create activity “APPC-SCORE”, I can’t find it

This field has been removed from the activity data and from the training !

Ok, but when I call function evalScore doesn’t work

I need to check the configuration.
Is it possible to give me URL of your sandbox and designer password ?



The problem, when I create a new customer all step work, but when I want to calculate score I have problem.

You can help me.



Maybe a problem with a constraint on AppClient.
You can give me the URL of your sandbox and the password of designer and I’ll check.

I suggest the problem is relate to the access rights maybe, because I didn’t kwon, if really relate to a constraint on AppClient.
The only constraint on AppClient is applicate to Adresse and not to the score. “Maybe”