UML models "sniffer"

It would be great if Simplicité could upload external UML Models so that it can pre-build its own business model.

Simplicité has already an XMI adapter to create objet/fields/relations from a well structured UML design.

However, for this to work and to be efficient, the UML design has to be very execution-oriented, I mean it has to comply with the core requirement of the platfom which is primarly dedicated to manipulate non denormalized 3rd normal form models.

Moreover there are lots of configuration items that does not exists in UML (multi language translations, rights, functionnal key, objects and attributs options, …). Loading UML is thus only injective, there will still be lots of stuff to configure after loading.

I think a better approach would be to have the UML designers directly designing their models in Simplicité to ensure they are actually executable models and not only high level “conceptual” models that needs translation/refactoring/simplification/extension/… before being executable.

I agree.
UML=>Simplicite is like code generation with rejected/lost/missing informations.

Modeling object diagrams directly in the platform is the unique approch to be fully compliant with execution.

The UML is rather a publication of the Simplicité models (from my old experience).

Simplicité can both load or publish configuration fragments in XMI (XML for UML)

As @Francois said in both case we are speaking of a very limited subset of what can be configured in Simplicité.

yes, it’s like a sniffer of existing database:

it’s limited to load some basic objects = a physical model with relationships. no business rules, no user rights, no UI …

UML can contains abstract things, for example : two objects that inherit one from the other… can be drawn but not instanciated.