Docker Image improvements -> new tag corresponding to version

Docker Image improvements -> new tag corresponding to version
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(Christophe Cosnefroy) #1


Could you add a ‘version’ tag on your Docker image (corresponding or not to the Simplicite version) like 3.0, 4.0. Because using the latest tag isn’t a best practice (see ofr instance) ?


(David AZOULAY) #2

Our tagging strategy is described in this post: Branches and Docker images

All images corresponds to current up-to date versions, alpha is the up to date dev (unstable) version (to be used for preview testing only), beta is the up-to-date semi-stable version (to be used for validation testing), latest is the up-to-date stable version (to be used for production)

Tagging with a release number (e.g. 4.0.P21) would only make sense for the stable images but, anyway, we expect our customers to always be up to date.

As a matter of fact, Simplicité has a continuous delivery model, there is absolutely no good reason to stick to a given previous version. Updating to the up-to-date version is straightforward and it is infinitely more risky to keep using a previous version than to upgrade.

As a consequence, even if we put a tag with a explicit version/revision number on the stable images we will remove previous images to be sure no one would use them for bad reasons…

(David AZOULAY) #3

We have added these explicit tags on the stable images : 4.0.P21-<centos|alpine>

The latest image still corresponds to the 4.0.P21-centos

(Christophe Cosnefroy) #4

Looks good for me, thank you.