Docker Image improvements

Docker Image improvements
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(Christophe Cosnefroy) #1


I have noticed your Docker image run several process inside (tomcat, postfix, …). I think, and I’m not alone, it’s a bad practice. (See

Could you improve that ?


(David AZOULAY) #2

The only process started in the images is the Tomcat server (I don’t remember why we install the “postfix” package but we don’t start a postfix process)

(Christophe Cosnefroy) #3

Thank you for your quick answer,

In your README file, you write :
'You can start a local Postfix SMTP server by using -e LOCAL_SMTP_SERVER=true"
this’s why the Postfix package is installed.

And in your file:
“if [ “$LOCAL_SMTP_SERVER” = “true” ]
echo “Starting SMTP server…”
postfix start
echo “…done”
This’s how Postfix is started.

So, if Postfix is never used, could use remove Postfix from the image?


(David AZOULAY) #4

I must admit I don’t remember this… I think this was implemented for a particular customer who needed this. I will check internally if it still makes sense.

Anyway I agree this should be isolated in a specialised image for this customer and removed from the default image.

(David AZOULAY) #5

Ok we have removed postfix from our default images so now there is only one possible process started in the container: Tomcat.

We have added some details in the readme file to explain what to do if you want to use this feature (with a disclaimer that says it is not a good idea to use it in production). See