Best way to override a system parameters during deployment

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I add to deploy a platform with dockerised Simplicite servers and i have to configure them to use OpenIdConnect.
The documentation mentions that it is necessary to modify the system parameter named AUTH_PROVIDERS.
Is there a way to overwrite these value in the docker images (like an init script or a configuration file to overwrite the default system parameters) ? Does i have to create a module to do this ?
Thanks for your help

This can’t be done at Docker level with our standard images as these images are pure generic executables. In Simplcité all configuration is in the database.

One method to automate configuration imports is to make an moduleimport curl call on the I/O interface (see or to use Git

You can build your own images based on our standard images to do these kind of imports internally to the container but this is somehow not the philosophy of Simplicité images for which no build phase should be required.

Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. thank you David