Branches and Docker images

A new private Docker platform image is now built every night: simplicite/platform:nightly.

It is based on the public simplicite/server:centos image and uses the up-to-date platform from the master branch of version 4.0.

See our DockerHub page for details.

The nightly private image is now called alpha, its DockerHub tag is simplicite/platform:alpha (it replaces the former simplicite/platform:nightly tag), it corresponds to the latest changes done on the platform, it will be built and pushed up to several times a day (but more likely once a day as used to be the nightly built). Be careful that this built may be rather unstable, so use it only for preview purposes.

A new beta private image is now also made available each time a reasonably stable state is reached, its DockerHub tag is simplicite/platform:beta it will be built and pushed once a week or so (in prerelease phase). It should be suitable for testing and development keeping in mind that it should not be used to production (for which you must use release images instead).

Both alpha and beta images are based on the public server image simplicite/server:centos

No changes on the release private images.

The correspondance between Git branches and Docker images is as follows:

Git branch Docker image
master simplicite/platform:alpha
prerelease simplicite/platform:beta
release simplicite/platform:latest