CentOS 7 End Of Life: impact on version 5 default Docker images

As of CentOS 7 June 30th 2024 is officially no longer supported. (see. https://www.centos.org/centos-linux):

For backward compatibility reasons, the default 5-latest[-light] Docker images up to revision 5.3.15 were using a CentOS 7 base image.

Version 6 default 6-latest[-light] images are using an Almalinux 9 base image since its first revision

The End Of Life (EOL) of CentOS 7 forces us to build the next revisions’ default 5-latest[-light] Docker images also on an Almalinux 9 base image (the first concerned maintenance revision will be 5.3.16).

If you used to build custom images from the default 5-latest[-light] you must review/test/refactor your build scripts so are they are fully compliant with Almalinux 9 (which is true in most cases unless you do very Centos 7- specific stuff).

For a smoother transition to the new Almalinux 9 based default images we will continue build version 5 Docker images based on the final CentOS 7 base image with tags with a dedicated extension : 5-latest[-light]-centos7 (we started to add this *-centos7 tags with maintenance revision 5.3.15).

We will build these temporary CentOS 7 based images for the next 3 months (till september 30th 2024). To keep using your build process as is you must switch to these temporary images before the maintenance revision 5.3.16.

However, using these temporary CentOS 7 based image is anyway strongly discouraged as the CentOS 7 base image is no longer receiving any system upgrade and thus becomes increasingly unsecure. You must consider switching to the new Almalinux 9 based images as soon as possible.

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Warning: if you have volumes mounted on a CentOS 7 based container (<= 5.3.42) you need to change their ownership prior to restart an Almalinux 9 based container.

As a matter of fact the CentOS 7 based image are using root as default user (unless you had explicitly specified otherwise) where Almalinux 9 based images are using the plain user simplicite by default.

E.g. if you had mounted the git folder (mygit:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/git) make sure to change its ownership from root:root to simplicite:simplicite prior to migrate to an Almalinux 9 based container (chown -R simplicite:simplicite /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/git from within a CentOS 7 based container)