Create a Template " Integrate fields from two different tables "


How I can create a Template " Integrate fields from two different tables ".

Example: I have two tables that have a Many to Many relationship, the problem is that I can’t integrate the fields of both tables in the same template.

Thank you.

Please copy/paste your model so as we understand what you need…

For instance in the demo the “Order” objet’s form displays fields from 4 business objects: Order (of course), Customer, Product and Provider:

This is possible because of the following business model:

With such model it is not possible to display fields from Contact on the order form (but it is possible to display a list of Contacts), but it is possible to display fields from Order, Customer, Product and Supplier on the Contact form.

In summary there is no general answer to your question, it depends on your model and on the object you are considering.

I would like to display in the same Template All fiels of “Contenu” & “Ressource”, considering that relation between “Contenu” & “Ressource” is Many to Many.

PS: AppRessourceContenu it is the table that has been generated by the relation between the two tables “Contenu” & “Ressource”.

You can display data from a single record of “Contenu” and of a single record of “Resource” only at the level of the N-N object “AppRessouceConteu”

From one object’s form, you can only display fields from another object linked by a 1-N relationship.

However there is a way (“pillbox”) to render the N-N relationship that allows a “compact view” variant of the list of records linked of the other side of the N-N:

If you think yous should be able to display “Contenu” fields in “Ressource” (or the opposite) it means the relationship is not a N-N

Other approach: inline the N-N list in the form and add an “Associate” behavior on the link, this is what is done on the other end of the previous N-N example:

Thank, I’ll try and come back to you