DevOps Services Offer

Project Managers, Simplicité Developers & Pre-sales engineers,

We’ve had recurring questions about two subjects that are linked to one another :

  1. how to implement a devops infrastructure to allow for some level of automation, to full automation in a CI/CD pipeline
  2. how to organize and industrialize application developement in tiny to big teams

These are important topics for anyone working on application developement, and even though they are not directly related to Simplicité, we wanted to provide some insight on best practices.
Do remember though that there are as many DevOps architectures as Simplicité projects.

We’ve also included a quick auto-evaluation quizz in the slides so you can get an idea of how close you are to your objectives.


We’re making the slides & video public: this does not replace proper training/support and we will kindly ask our community members to contact sales to get proper training/support before asking questions on the forum.



Executive / Short presentation (video slides)
Technical / Long presentation