How to enable the probe "Log SQL user" cache in V4.0

how to enable the probe “Log SQL user” cache in V4.0 !?

I don’t understand what you mean by “Log SQL user” cache
What is your requirement?

I mean by “Log SQl user” to enable cache of SQL, and to know the query of SQL.

It is the term “cache” that I don’t understand in this context…

Are you just speaking of logging SQL requests ?


I’m speaking for activate probes:

  • Move the “LOG_SQL_USER” system parameter to “yes” and clear all caches
  • Access times will be longer and the logs are large, so you have to activate this probe only in design / test.
  • Server logs will contain all user queries
  • Move “LOG_SQL_USER” parameter to “no” and clear the cache to stop the tracing.

Ok it seems that you managed to activate these log traces…

Keep in mind that this must be temporary as this is highly resources-consuming

Note that you can review the server logs directly in the browser’s console provided the websockets works for you (sometimes it is not the case thru some restrictive entreprise proxies), the legacy log viewer is only for those having trouble with websockets…

I didn’t quite understand it

That is why I asked you initially what was your requirement.

For instance do you want to review these traces for training purposes (to understand what is the engine is actually doing), or for a specific issue investigation, or …

I ask because in general reviewing the SQL statement generated by the platform is not very useful.

For training, because I just do my first step in Simplicité

I discussed this point with the team, the training should not describe this rather unusual and confusing feature… We will remove it from the training.

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