How to specify timezones?


The only mention I could find about timezones is in the installation manual, and it recommends to set the timezone of the server to the desired timezone for the application.

What should I do if I need to set a different timezone for the application and the server? I guess I should specify it at tomcat startup like shown on this stackoverflow thread? Does a handy system parameter exist?

As a follow-up question, how can I specify timezone at user level?


Best approach to avoid problems is to set the same system timezone on servers that are running the application server node(s) and the database node(s)

If it is not possible then you should at least pay attention to have the same timezone configured at database node(s) level and at application server node(s) level. Please refer to each product’s documentation to do so properly.

Of course you should also be sure that all servers’ system time are synchronized using a network time service.

At application level it is possible to configure a timezone for each individual user but in this case the application server and the database timezone must be set as UTC.