Input suggestions

You might have seen errors with suggestions in the platform. Did you know that you could use this same system in your own app?

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Good to know

  • there are two type of suggestions:
    • blocking (if you send an error)
    • non-blocking (if you send a warning)
  • this system was initially developed to help designer respect good syntax conventions
  • it is not limited to syntax conventions, you can use Message.formatSuggestion for all kind of validations

How to implement it

postValidate way

  • works with any type of field

Example: suggest accent and begining / trailing spaces removal

package com.simplicite.objects.Demo;

import java.util.*;
import com.simplicite.util.*;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;

 * Business object DemoSupplier
public class DemoSupplier extends ObjectDB {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
	public List<String> postValidate() {
		List<String> msgs = new ArrayList<>();
		String str = getFieldValue("demoSupValidatedText");
		String cleaned = StringUtils.stripAccents(StringUtils.strip(str));
			msgs.add(Message.formatSuggestion("MY_WARNING_CODE", null, Message.WARN, "demoSupValidatedText", cleaned));
		return msgs;

“Validated Text” way (NOT RECOMMENDED)


Be carefull while using this feature: due to limitations on the functionnality, the field validation will evolve in the near future.

  • You must have created a FieldType ( Administration > Field Type ) with the name of a method to call to execute the validation :

  • The field you’re working on must be of type “Validated Text”
  • You must create a “Field Type” and select this type in the “Field Validation” selector on the field Form

  • Finally create the method on the object
public String camelCaseSuggest(String val){
	return SyntaxTool.getWarningMessage(getField("demoSupValidatedText"), SyntaxTool.CAMEL, null);

- in the method, you only get the value, not the name of the field to validate
- the method must be implemented on every object that uses the validation
- technique limited to the validated text input types