Multi document upload

It would be nice to have the capability to attach several documents to a business object once in a while

Welcome Thomas !

It means to create a new field type “multi-documents” because the document field contains only one attachment in DBDOC. When the field will have the capacity to store many docs in DB, I guess the multi upload will be possible.

So the question is : how to store multi doc IDs in a single column ?
The response is to store a ZIP file!

NB: this was already discussed in this topic: Sélectionner plusieurs fichiers dans une pièce joindre (in french)

If you need to attach N document to a record you have a 1-N linked object holding the documents, no dicsussion on this.

The possible improvements are on the UX to manipulate this 1-N linked object

At the origin (Simplicité v2) this type of field has existed, but has been abandoned for complexity reason.
The type “multi doc” can be restored within a self-managed 0,n table (like object history) :

  • UI : documents pillbox with common actions (download, upload files, delete file, preview…)
  • Backend : dispatch the docs into a “hidden” 0,n table identified by the object+field