Orderable objects

It would be nice to have an option to make objects “orderable”.

In Discourse for example, the complexity of ordering the categories is elegantly hidden away:

  • the order number is not visible unless you are actually ordering
  • the order “action” displays a dedicated widget, in which you can order:
    • editing the order number
    • using the arrows
    • (drag’n’drop would be nice also)
  • the sequence is kept consistent at each edit, so you don’t have to order by steps of 10 or 1000 to “keep space” between items, and end up with unfriendly sequences like {10,20,30,31,32,33,35,60,1000,1001,10100}
See gif of discourse category ordering


Good idea

  • The reordreing would be limited within a page / pagination
  • Needs to add a “sortable list” property to an Integer field to get the feature on UI
  • With drag&drop of course !

there must be breaks in the objects to make them more readable (menu, object fields…)
“sorted groups of sorted objects” make sense =

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