Quick Adapter Configuration

The Quick Adapters are a way to inject models fast, and also a way to let a non technical user work on the data model. This tool should only be used by seasoned Simplicité developers.

They are provided as a platform add-on through the AppStore and are not bijective, the general idea of the process is as follows:

  1. work on the datamodel in a spreadsheet to define the objects, the attributes, the translations, the lists, etc
  2. import this datamodel in CSV format through the adapters
  3. implement basic configuration in Simplicité :
    • create relationships in the modeler
    • work on the object’s templates
  4. implement the rest of the configuration & logic

“Quick Adapters” Tutorial

1- Install the “SimAdapters” module through the AppStore

2- After clearing the cache follow the link to the Google Sheet Quick Adapter template in the module description

3- Fill up you spreadsheet, chose object names, trigrams & attributes in a flat format as presented in the template, and download the CSV file

4- Import

5- Verify

  • check the import supervisor logs and the platform logs
  • check that the objects, attributes, transletions, etc, were correctly created

6- repeat the process for QuickListAdapter

Additional information

  • this is an add-on, the support on add-ons is not prioritary
  • PRs are welcome on GitHub, there are TODOs in the code and many things to improve
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