Simplicite 5.0 released

The Simplicité platform version 5.0 is now available on the version 5 template’s Git repository release[-light] branches.

The corresponding Docker images - tagged 5-latest[-light] - are now available on DockerHub

ACTION REQUIRED: the version 5 template’s prerelease[-light] branches and the corresponding Docker images (tagged 5-beta[-light]) will switch to beta version 5.1 on Thursday Jan 14th night.
Make sure you have switched your instances using version 5.0 to the release[-light] branches to the or corresponding Docker images (tagged 5-latest[-light]) before that date

Check the the release note for details.

Note that the version 5 includes some compatibility-breaking changes vs version 4.0. If you plan to upgrade from version 4.0 check these changes carefully. Due to theses changes it is not possible to revert an upgraded instance to version 5 back to version 4.0.

The version pattern will now be 5.x.y where x corresponds to the previous versions’ patch level and y will be incremented each time a revision fix is pushed. The start version is ths 5.0.0 which means version 5 patch level P00 revision 0

WARNING: LAST CALL to switch to 5 release

This is the last call to switch to the 5.0 release branch (= 5-latest[-light] Docker images)

If you currently use the 5.0 prerelaese (= 5-beta[-light] Docker images) you MUST now switch to avoid potential issues.

As a matter of fact, as of tomorrow, the prerelaese branch (= 5-beta[-light] Docker images) will receive the early beta version 5.1 which is not yet suitable for developement/production

WARNING: Docker images “latest” tags

The Docker image tags latest[-light] are currently aliases of the 4.0-latest[-light] tags.

They will switch to aliases of the 5-latest[-light] tags on Wednesday Jan. 20th

If you don’t want your version 4.0 instances to upgrade to version 5 and you must make sure you use the 4.0-latest[-light] tags instead of the the latest[-light] tags. As explained above downgrading from version 5 to version 4.0 will not be possible.

NB: using tags with an explicit major version numbered tag (e.g. 5 = 5-latest or 4.0-light = 4.0-latest-light) is anyway the best practice. Using the latest or latest-light tags is discouraged.

As announced in previous message, the Docker images latest[-light] tags are now aliased to version 5 latest images (tags 5-latest[-light] = 5[-light].

If you have a 4.0 instance using the latest[-light] next pull of the image will upgrate it to version 5.

If you want to keep using the version 4.0 you must now use the 4.0-latest[-light] tags.

Version 4.0 will be in long term maintenance till January 15th, 2024.