Simplicité platform minor version 5.3 RELEASE CANDIDATE


The Simplicité platform minor version 5.3 is now available as RELEASE CANDIDATE on the version 5 template’s prerelease[-light] branches an/or as the 5-beta[-ligth] Docker images

Warning: This RELEASE CANDIDATE is not yet suitable for production. Do not upgrade your live instances at that stage, this is only for final testing. Downgrading from this 5.3 minor version to a previous minor version is not possible.

Please read the the release note for details.

If no blocking issue is raised, this 5.3 minor version is planned to be released by mid February 2023.

Note: The previous 5.2 minor version will be maintained for a maximum of 3 months after this 5.3 minor version’s release date. See the upgrade policies and the maintenance strategies for details.