Simplicité platform minor version 6.1 initial revision 6.1.0


The initial revision (6.1.0) of the Simplicité platform second minor version (6.1) of the major version 6 is now available on the version 6 template’s 6.1[-light] branches and/or as the 6.1[-light] Docker image tags

Please read this revision’s release note for details.


At that stage :

  • To upgrade to minor version 6.1 you must be on an up-to-date revision of minor version 6.0. Upgrading from an up-to-date revision of minor version 5.3 is planned for a future revision
  • The Docker tags 6-latest[-light[-*]] and 6[-light] are still corresponding to minor version 6.0, this will be the case till next revision of minor version 6.1. In the meantime, to use this minor version 6.1 you must use the tags 6.1[-light]

With this release of minor version 6.1, the minor version 6.0 is entering its short term maintenance period. End of this period is scheduled for October 31th 2024 (but may be prorogated till December 31th 2024).

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