Simplicité platform minor version 6.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE


The first RELEASE CANDIDATE for the Simplicité platform minor version (6.1) of the major version 6 is now available on the version 6 template’s 6.1[-light] branches and/or as the 6.1-beta[-light] Docker image tags.

Please read this revision’s release note for details.

We expect your feedback on this release candidate version which will be rebuilt each time an issue is raised and fixed.

The target release date for minor version 6.1 is scheduled on June 28th 2024.

Warning: A release candidate is not yet suitable for production but can be used on development/testing environments if deployment in production is scheduled after this minor version is released.


  • if you plan to upgrade a minor version 5.3 instance to this minor version 6.1 you must first upgrade on the minor version 6.0
  • as for any minor versions, upgrading an instance from minor version 6.0 to minor version 6.1 is not reversible. Make sure to backup your database if you potentially want to revert to minor version 6.0
  • when minor version 6.1 is released, the previous version 6.0 will enter a short term maintenance period of a minimum of 3 months. Benefiting of a continued maintenance implies that you upgrade to each new minor version before the end of the short term maintenance period of the previous minor version.