Simplicite platform version 4.0 P21 RELEASE CANDIDATE

The Simplicité platform version 4.0 P21 RELEASE CANDIDATE has been made available on the template’s prerelease Git branch and as the beta Docker image.

See the DRAFT release note for details.

Any feedback on this release candidate version is welcome. If no blocking issue is raised by October 12th, this version will be pushed as the P21 RELEASE.

Thank you for helping us in the final validation process of this version.

LAST CALL for your feedback !

We are about to release version 4.0 P21.

This is your last opportunity to report any major issue on this release. After P21 it is realeased you will have to wait for P22.

As a reminder, after starting working on Pn (here P22) will only backport the blocking issues fix on the released Pn-1 (here P21), and we don’t backport anything on previous releases (here P20, …).