Simplicité platform version 4.0 P24 BETA

The Simplicité platform version 4.0 P24 BETA will be made available on the template’s prerelease Git branch and as the beta Docker image on wednesday Sept. 24 night.

Please prepare your pre-release test instances for this upgrade by reading the the draft release note. This future release include compatibility-breaking changes.

The most significant change is the required (Open)JDK 12 if you want to benefit from all included third party libraries (some of them are no longer compatible with JDK 8). A “light” variant of this future release will remain compatible with JDK 8 but with some third party libraries removed. See the release note for details.

Any feedback is warmly welcome.

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Some minor fixes have been pushed on prerelease 4.0P24 BETA on Thursday Sept. 27.

Make sure to upgrade your test instances.

Any feedback is still warmly welcome.