Simplicité platform version 5.0.0 BETA

The Simplicité platform version 5.0.0 BETA will be made available on the version 5 template’s prerelease[-light] branches on tuesday Sept. 15 night.

Please prepare for this future upgrade by reading the the draft release note.

Note that the version 5 includes some compatibility-breaking changes. See the release note for details. Due to theses changes it will not possible to revert an updated instance to version 5 back to version 4.0.

NB: The version 4.0 template will remain as is, version 4.0 is entering long term maintenance phase.

Keep in mind that in BETA stage he platform can be instable. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Due to some operational constraints and some ongoing finalizations the prerelease of version 5.0.0 is delayed to wednesday Sept 30th.

If you have a private SIM server you can prepare it for version 5 by following these instructions

If you use our Docker images please note that the tagging pattern now includes the version:

  • Version 4.0 images:
    • Old alpha[-light] images become 4.0-alpha[-light]
    • Old beta[-light] images become 4.0-beta[-light]
    • Old latest[-light] images become 4.0-latest[-light]
    • Old latest-alpine and alpha-test-* images have been removed
  • Version 5 images:
    • 5-alpha[-light] and 5-alpha-test-*
    • 5-beta[-light]
    • 5-latest[-light]

Version 5.0.0 beta is now available on version 5 template’s prerelease[-light] branches and as the simplicite/platform:5-beta[-light] Docker images. Sorry for the delay !

We target a release candidate in mid october and a release in late october, but this mainly depends on your feedbacks so feel free to send us any quetsion/remark/defect using the 5 tag.

Thank you in advance.