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Hi, is it possible to look at a working application and at the same time on the place in platform where the application was modeled?
Thank you for your response, Kamila

I am not sure of what you mean exactly by “place”…

I guess you mean the platform’s generic UI, when signed-in as designer, and focused on the “Simplicité administrator” or “Application designer” scope:

If you configure the appropriate rights you can see a configured business application within any scope, e.g. you can see the demo application in the “Simplicité administrator” scope:

This is acheived by the presence of the DEMO_ADMIN group of rights in the profile of the ADMIN group of rights :

Another approach is to add directly the group of rights directly to the responsibilities of the designer user:

NB: In all cases a signficant change in the rights (such as the ones described above) requires a global clear cache before taking effect

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