Add custom Maven-assisted dependencies to your custom images

The latest Docker images allows building custom images with additonal Maven dependencies added to the platform’s libs.

The typical Dockerfile for building these custom images is this one: Dockerfile-add-custom-dependencies. That you can use like this:

docker build \
  -f Dockerfile-add-custom-dependencies \
  -t <my custom image> \
  --build-arg tag=<tag> \
  --build-arg deps="<my dependencies>" .

Where <tag> is the tag of the chosen base image (e.g. 5-latest) and <my dependencies> is a list of dependencies in the following format <group ID>:<artifact ID>:<version> (e.g. net.sf.trove4j:trove4j:3.0.3)

Note that the already existing libs (including when in different versions) are ignored


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