Create Object Diagram

I am going through online training for Objects and trying to create an object diagram (course A030):

Click on icon of the gadget Diagrams on the header
Select a template ModelBusinessObject
Give it a name = ModelApplication and keep SVG type.
Click on Create to instantiate an empty model.
Right click on the work area of the diagram and choose Add then Create a business object

While following instructions above on our demo ( and using Business object : AppClient , when I click on Create, nothing happens.
Can you please help what am I missing or doing incorrectly?

Is the module name you typed an actual module ?
If so, you need to select the proposed module from the completion drop down.

NB: You can also leave the module blank (then the model will not be attached to your module, this can be changed later)

If it is not an issue related to the module (or a duplicate model name), please check your browser’s console

Hello ,

Please use our training website

Additional informations are here

module name ‘MyModule_TJI’ is actual and selected from drop down - unfortunately I cannot make snapshot of the drop down list, as it disappears while making snapshot.
I did not fill field Module with any value, however the behaviour is the same. Also have tried to use different browser, but still the same.

In Chrome browser’s console I found out below mentioned warning, but nothing is displayed in browser’s UI:

function onStart(cbk){started=true;retry=1;handlers={};bind("log",function(log){var l=log.level||"INFO",m=log.event+"|"+log.login+"|"+log.object+"|"+log.method+"|"+log.desc;try{if(l=="DEBUG")console.debug(m);else if(l=="FATAL"||l=="ERROR")console.error(m);else if(l=="WARN")console.warn(m);else;}catch(e){console.log("WS "+l+": "+m);}});bind("notification",function(ntf){getTop().$ui.alert({content:ntf.replace(/[\r\n]+/,"<br/>")});});for(var i=0;i<toBind.length;i++){var x=toBind[i];bind(x.type,x.handler);}

Maybe your browser prevents popup windows from opening ? The create button opens such a popup.

I am not sure of what you mention about the browser’s console… By “browser’s console” I mean this built-in tool (here on Chrome):

Check if the model has been actually created (using the Modeler > Business model menu entry) because I think this is done prior to the popup openning. If it is the case you can reopen it as a right side pane div :

@Francois any other idea ?

Pop-up should not be issue and I am also referring to browser’s console “built-in tool”, as you can see on screenshot below:

model has not been created. Nevertheless I changed the name of model from “ModelApplication” to “test” and it did work.

However for the future I would like to know what was the problem and how to find it out in Simplicite platform or browser’s console… :thinking:

I think there is an issue in the case of a duplicate name. I think there was already a “ModelApplication” entry, and certainly of another type (which explains nothing showed up in the selection popup…)

@Francois is it possible to do something in this case to improve the UX ?

The popup seems to be filtered on other modules.
I think the visibility of modules has been set using the button “Select visible modules” in UI header ?
and a previous Model with the same name has been created in other module, or something like that.

  • Remove all module filters
  • List all models using the Modeler menu

@Francois thanks for explanation - when removing filters/listing all models I can finally see models which were created (somehow in the background), but I did not see them however my filter was containing correct module
Module Filters were pre-defined as I do not remember making this setup, therefore some warning/pop-up message could definitely help to “Simplicite newjoiners” like me or the future ones :slight_smile:

Thank you for your experience returns.
We will check/fix this point of abusive filtering in this popup.

Remind to use the new training to avoid strange behaviors from older UI :

@Francois @nathalie thank you for reminding the new training - unfortunately a big part of training materials is only in French language, eventhough I have set up English. Also the new training user-experience is not as good as I experienced with training website “

Therefore I am prefering the “old one” training website :man_shrugging:

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