Docker Image improvements -> new tag corresponding to version


Could you add a ‘version’ tag on your Docker image (corresponding or not to the Simplicite version) like 3.0, 4.0. Because using the latest tag isn’t a best practice (see What's Wrong With The Docker :latest Tag? · ofr instance) ?


Our tagging strategy is described in this post: Branches and Docker images

All images corresponds to current up-to date versions, alpha is the up to date dev (unstable) version (to be used for preview testing only), beta is the up-to-date semi-stable version (to be used for validation testing), latest is the up-to-date stable version (to be used for production)

Tagging with a release number (e.g. 4.0.P21) would only make sense for the stable images but, anyway, we expect our customers to always be up to date.

As a matter of fact, Simplicité has a continuous delivery model, there is absolutely no good reason to stick to a given previous version. Updating to the up-to-date version is straightforward and it is infinitely more risky to keep using a previous version than to upgrade.

As a consequence, even if we put a tag with a explicit version/revision number on the stable images we will remove previous images to be sure no one would use them for bad reasons…

We have added these explicit tags on the stable images : 4.0.P21-<centos|alpine>

The latest image still corresponds to the 4.0.P21-centos

Looks good for me, thank you.

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